Mini BiCopter (3D printed frame)

I have been building various types of BiCopter since few years now. Before trying with bigger machines like 18 inch I used to make the test with smaller frames. Since I see a lot of people are nowadays still interested and exploring this configuration I would like to share the frame design with anyone interested into making small one for similar purpose. Here is a presentation I made :


Thank you. So far I was sharing my experience about this crafts only in my local japanese community of mini drone makers :slight_smile: But since the last prototypes were flying on ArduPilot I decided that it might be posted here as well. One guy build this using my tips :smiley: I think it was so far the smallest bicopter drone

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good job!
What are the advantages of a bicopter configuration for the time of flight? Are there any projects already done for small (3 ") bicopters with ardupilot?
Thanks :slight_smile:

The reason for this project was just to explore the configuration and to be able to test safely indoors even in a small room. The advantages are mainly the size/ portability and depending on is the design constrain it might be more efficient. Control by motor pitch has a lot of flaws but its relatively simple to execute. I have designed an industrial grade 18 inch frame with rigid motor gimbals but so far wasn’t able to make it fly with good enough performance when testing on betaflight (it flies but sometimes becomes unstable and hard to control). I will soon switch to arducopter and try to tune it. If success then will share it here.

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No problem. Cool copters by the way!

Hello, question…

I wanted to build this drone but the the KAKUTE F4 V2 is discontinued and can’t find it anywhere. Could I use the newer KAKUTE H7 with the same code?

Or is there another FC I could use? I’m not an experienced coder.

Any help is appreciated.