Mini APM 3.1 wont arm unless attached to PC

Mini APM 3.1 arms when USB lead connected and attached to PC wont arm when disconnected and standalone

I done the radio calibration.

Doesn’t say anything about compass health or GPS

GPS has full lock on 8 sats while indoors.

I am pushing the throttle stick on mode 2 down to the right.

The copter is a 375mm HEXA 6 dys motors it was flying on open pilot nano previously.

any ideas.

No parameter file or log file it’s hard to say. Probably going into failsafe.

PS: Don’t arm indoors with the props on.
PPS: GPS is never right indoors, ever! It may give 10 satellites and low HDOP, but unless it’s got a clear view of the sky overhead it will be wrong!

It shows where i am on the map so it cant be that far off.

here is the param file.

No file

It’s not accurate, and it will ‘glitch’ GPS does not work indoors. Be warned.

This forum wont let you upload files even ones to do with APM.

Zip it. Then you can upload it

another try :stuck_out_tongue:

your 983 low is very close to 975 to trigger FS, i would suggest having your limits between 1100-1900.

can you also post a tlog from the gcs (or dataflash log) … etry-logs/ … he_motors/


tlog rlog hopefully from correct directory.

When I check the logs and do a replay in AP2 it says it ARMs. I don’t understand the issue here.

Both logs show it arms on MP as well.

billb, I am a new user to this site, but have a similar problem as is discussed here. The ‘fix’ is likely case specific so I am sending my Log file to determine the cause.
I can only arm with the USB connected, or before the APM has fully booted, but the rotors stop, as soon as it fully boots up.
Could you or someone give me some assistance as to why this is happening and what the fix is?
Thanks everyone!
2017-02-23 (587.2 KB)