Min throttle for STABILIZE mode

Hi ya’ll,

So I’m a quad noob and was flying my 3dr quad yesterday. At some point I switched from loiter to stabilize with the throttle near the bottom of travel. This resulted in a pretty quick drop and slightly hard landing.

It seems that in stabilize the throttle is a pretty much manual thing (which makes sense). Is there a param (or some other mechanism) to make a goof like this less possible? Something like a min throttle while flying?


Hi Kevin, Simple answer is don’t do it again! If you create a point where lots of throttle happens in flight what do you do when you need to chop it and ditch the airframe for whatever reason!

Hi Kevin,

Whilst not doing it again is the ideal solution, I didn’t trust myself not to, and I set up a transmitter mix on my 9XR transmitter that will help.

It is tied to a switch to turn it on and off, and when active will prevent the throttle output going below a certain value for a few seconds if the flight mode switch is in stabilize mode. I used it to prevent accidental motor stop (though this is no longer necessary with MOT_SPIN_ARMED) but with a higher value you could use it for your purpose.

If you have a transmitter running ER9X firmware it may be of interest or you may be able to adapt it for whatever you’re using. See diydrones.com/forum/topics/t … motor-stop