Mile High...Mile Whaaaaa?

Hi all, quick explaination. I had 3 waypoints, 1st at 1000m, 2nd at 1610m and the 3rd back to 40m. Everything seemed to be going well, it was UP there, but still within visual. But I was starting to get worried around 7-8 minutes because it had not changed much in size.

From previous experience flying manually, it sometimes seemed hard to judge if it was gaining or losing altitude from that far away. I just assumed it was taking it’s sweet time coming back down.

So around 8 minutes I can finally see and hear it getting back towards the ground and about that time it started really going wonky, luckily it crashed only about 100m away.

After quickly looking at the logs, apparently it had reached 1610m at around 3 minutes, but did not start back to the final (3rd) waypoint and just sat at 1610m (2nd waypoint) for about 5 minutes and running the battery almost out, hence the rapid decent and crash.

Did I have to have an RTL or something else at the final waypoint? Or is there something else that would have happened? Earlier in the day I was doing low altitude (100m) automode 9 point waypoint circuits with full success. I didn’t see anything obvious, like lost RC siggal or going into some failsafe or anything. First warning was after the battery got low.

Video and logs to come!

Oops, it only went to about 600, not 1610m. No wonder I could still see it. Will delve further into the logs.