Mid articulation and 4X4 skidsteer

hi all

I have just got my 1st rover runing
4x2 wheelchair scale

2x25 sabertooth driver

no when i sourced my wheelchair i blagged 2 so have 4 motors etc

i am planning to strip the frame down and build a modular frame for 4x2 or 4x4 using all 4 motors

for 4x4 i will get a sabertooth 2x60 and run the motors 1 chanel per side

but over the weekend a saw a tractor with 4 tracks and central articulation which got me thinking about running that setup on my rover

if i ran 4 independant motor chanels and the APM regulated the 4 motor speeds the chassis would articulate on its mid point.

now i am no coder so would this exist in the code or would anyone be intrested in implementing such a setup if i build it

To the best of my knowledge the ArduRover2 firmware is designed to only control two motor channels in the skid steering mode.
Yes, you would have to identify a programmer who could modify the existing ArduRover2 code to function as you have described.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer