Mid altitude wind measuring

Hi there!

I’m building a quadcopter with APM 2.6 right now, just for fun. Today I asked myself, if it was possible, to use the copter to measure mid altitude winds, which I need for another project.

What I want in the end: I’d like to have the direction of the winds in different altitudes, let’s say in 50m steps. The direction needs do be accurate on about 10°, the speed isn’t that important on absolute numbers, but a relative value compared to the other altitudes would be interesting.

How I think it could be done: I mount a airspeed sensor to the copter, but do not connect it to the APM. I would design a seperate logger, which only loggs the winds.
So the drone climbs in auto mode, while staying on the same spot, to 50m. There, it turns to north (0°) and, via a camera shutter command, tells the logger to measure. The logger stores the first value. Then, it turns 10° to the right, same procedure, and so on, until it is finished. Then, it climbs another 50m, and so on.

My concerns: How will the accuracy of the measurement be? Will it be possible to program such a sequence in Mission Planner? (climb, turn, shoot, turn, shoot…)

Thanks for you thougths!

The programming of waypoints is possible. Just assign seperate waypoints with the altitude and the direction you want it to point together with the shutter command.

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