Mid-air pixhawk reboot

Hello. A few days ago we were flying our plane. However, in the mid-air we lost both telemetry and RC connections to plane for a few seconds. We suspect that pixhawk rebooted itself because just after we regained connection it said Initialising APM in the Mission Planner and the plane was disarmed. Unfortunately we had a crash. We couldn’t figure out the reason of the reboot. We would appreciate it if anyone can help us.

Our system is :
Frame : X-UAV Talon V3
Autopilot : Cube Orange
Motor : SunnySky X3520 780 kV
ESC : BLHeli 80A
Battery : Tattu 4S 10000mAh

You can reach to log of the flight with the following link.

You can reach telemetry logs from here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uSCrGYHz5RZtkNH7BbCBACf_92r3kZV1/view?usp=sharing

One other thing, we realized that sometimes motor makes a strange noise around 40% throttle with the used ESC. We are not sure but maybe it is related to the reboot.

Hello, i had the same problem. Did you get the reason?