Micro usb port came off

I was setting up the quadcopter for the apm and for flight was have little trouble but figured most of it out then I pluged the micro usb in and the port came undone i undid the 4 screws and tried to put it back on but soldering didn’t want to help i very frustrated because it not cheap and cant keep buying flight apms. Please help me

I would just like to send it get repaired or get sent new one makers please contact me

You could try to contact your local electronics club. Soldering that USB connector needs some special tools and skills. It could be that you ripped of few traces too which means need of jumper cables etc…

If you cannot find anyone locally, you can always send your board to me to our Bangkok address. We will charge small repairing fee + shipping. Register airmail is usually rather fast and reliable too.

The pins on the micro are broken to if I going to ship it out and it going to cost me to repair and ship should just buy new one