MFE Striver transitioning because is not keeping the transition speed

Hi guys,

I have several flights with a MFE Striver - Plane 4.4.0-beta 2, and around 10 flights was flying perfectly.
Today, I was doing some test flights but the plane simply didn’t keep the speed, and all the time transitioning between airplane and quadmode.

Looking the logs - generating the plane/criuse graph I see the CTUN.Tho is not good - comparing with the normal flight.

I’m my analisys I can see there is something wrong with the demanding throttle, once on the “Bad flight” the throttle is been cutoff from the flight controller.
I put a log of a good and a bad flight here:
Any help I will appreciate.

Best regards

After reviewing my configuration I noted 2 things.
Cruise speed was lower than the q_assist, I increased it and the major and dumb problem, the use_airspeed was disabled. After this 2 changes everything is working perfectly.

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