MFE new product T900 telemetry module communication distance 30km-60km

:diamonds: MFE T900 Telemetry Module

MFE has newly launched the T900 telemetry module 30km set and the T900 telemetry module 60km set, which are extremely cost-effective. With the 5dBi 900MHz glue stick antenna, they can communicate stably for 30km in the pull distance test. More product details are as follows——


T900 is a cost-effective long-distance UAV telemetry module with a frequency range of 902-928Mhz. The full-duplex serial link supports Mavlink protocol low-latency transmission. Support 16-channel SBUS remote control forwarding, increase the remote control distance. Support serial port WIFI forwarding, you can monitor the flight control data in real time on the computer or mobile terminal.

:diamonds: Features

1.Adopt 32-bit MCU, faster processing speed and lower data delay
2.Using active temperature compensated crystal oscillator, the working frequency does not drift for a long time
3.Using DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum, strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance
4.High uplink rate, fast upload of control commands over long distances, no lag
5.Support 16-channel SBUS forwarding, suitable for long-distance FPV flight
6.Support data WIFI forwarding, computer terminal or mobile terminal can monitor flight control data
7.Support wide voltage 3-12S input, eliminating the need for UBEC independent power supply module
8.Aviation aluminum alloy shell has good electromagnetic shielding, durable and efficient heat dissipation

:diamonds: Instructions

ACT light - green

COM light - blue

Definition of indicator lights
ACT light flashes Pairing
ACT light is always on Pairing success
COM light flashes Data transmission



1.Please dial to UART


2.Install the antenna vertically without signal blocking


3.Check the positive and negative poles of the power supply to avoid reverse connection


4.Please use high quality RF feeder



1.Please dial to USB mode


2.Data transmission avoids interference and is placed as high as possible


3.Powered by battery


4.Use high gain antenna to increase communication distance

:diamonds: Specifications

Working frequency 902-928Mhz
Frequency tolerance ±5ppm
Transmit power 1W
Overall power consumption 2.2W-2.5W
Transmission distance 60KM(Air-to-ground, no interference, good antenna performance)
Serial level 3.3V TTL
Serial port rate 57600bps
Way of working DSSS
Data protocol Mavlink
Operating Voltage 12V-60V(3S-12S)
Power supply interface XT30PW-M(Male)
Antenna interface SMA external thread internal needle
Serial interface GH1.25-4P
SBUS interface GH1.25-3P
USB interface Type-C
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Size 63*39*14.5mm
Weight 108g

Official Website:
Technical Support:
Download: GitHub - makeflyeasy/MFE_ArduPlane
Contact Email:
Facebook: Makeflyeasy UAV
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Will these modules also be available for 868 MHz?

Currently, 868MHz is not supported. If there are many people who need it, it will be supported.

In the EU, there are many users who need 868 MHz because 900 MHz is occupied by cell phone towers.

thanks for your suggestion.

What would you say the advantage of this over something like the RFD900 is? The specs and price seem similar with the main difference being this has a wider input voltage range and only a single antenna.

The product integration level is higher, almost no need to change the wiring.
The cost performance will also be higher in the future.

T900 Telemetry User Manual