Message Understanding: EKF2 IMU1 Switching to Com

What dose this message mean? I Calibrated my XuGong with a Auav-X2 FC in It runing on AC 3.4.5 with an external Compass and GPS. With the new onboard calibration it did not work even with the relaxed mode ( I think I have a Lote of <nois on my internal mag) I did a old fashon calibration off board and thes seams to work fine.

While flying I got a MP Message on my MinimOSD Extra 919 Version from night_ghost. Fist Message “EKF2 IMU0 In-Flight Yaw al”. This Message came only once and then the secon message came more often moreover while moving the copter. “EKF2 IMU1 Switching to Com”

The copter seams to flight perfectly in Loiter mode and also on Stabilized. Vibrations seams also to be okay. Vibe clip 0-2 are all 0.

What do I need to do and what dose these two messages mean?

My Fligh was aroud 10 minutes and all in Loiter mode

Thanks for your help

The first message is perfectly normal. The EKF resets the compass reading after you are 5m in the air to remove any eventual magnetic disturbance that it had while it was on the floor.

The second message isn’t so normal, especially if it happened multiple times. It means your EKF has changed the compass it was using. Only with a log more can be said on why.

My mistake, I thought the log was attatched.
Log File as bin

So the EKF can change between the compass on the fc or to the external!?

Did you managed to look at the logs?

What does “EKF2 IMU1 Switching to Com” mean?