Meet the new mRo GPS Family

The mRo family of GPS sensors are one of the most powerful and sophisticated satellite signal sensors in the unmanned vehicle industry which we manufacture in United States. These have specially designed to obtain with high precision the position, velocity and timing information that the vehicle requires.

mRo GPS sensors are used by the best aerospace research and development centers and large drone manufacturers around the world. Available in different sizes and architectures to obtain the best noise immunity, lowest possible weight and high sensitivity each of them includes a robust system capable of accurately detecting the different satellite signal constellations of USA (GPS), Russia (GLONASS) and Europe (Galileo) totally individually or simultaneously.

Our range of GPS sensors it is in constantly improving technology and are fully compatible with any of our mRo family of autopilots.

Download mRo GPS Family Comparison Table



Interesting comparison chart. Some things could be added e.g. the Sam module supports 3 constellations at 10 Hz where as the Neo N8M modules support only 2 @10Hz and 3 @5Hz. I also miss information on the antenna properties.
What I find strange is that the same N8M module is high quality for the Solo (a pity that it is no longer available) and mid-high quality for non solo.
I use mRo products very successfully since several years. The never left me alone. Not a single mission. The support is also great. But for Europe its problematic that the parts are not RoHS conform and have no CE label.