Medium Frame Survey Vessel Creation

Greetings everyone…

First time posting here for forgive my ignorance…

I am in the process of creating a Survey Vessel from a modified JetSki…

So my understanding is right now ArduPilot/Cube does not support dual motors for “Skid Steer” maneuvering, but is it possible to run dual Torqueedo motors in genereal? Can you run 2 Torqueedo Controllers in parallel unison?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on a steering system / actuator & controller to control prop direction?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll take a stab here but with the caveat that I have never touched a Torqueedo.

My understanding is that skid steering is set up for dual motors (Right and Left) so that shouldn’t be a problem controlling two independent motors in fixed positions.

If you want an outboard type steered boat, and if the controllers are PWM controlled, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use a “Y” harness to feed the controllers speed signals and use regular servos to provide direction.

Might post this question over on to the “Arduboat” group as I think this has been discussed.
Send pics and Good Luck!

I dont belive dual torqeedo motors are currently supported.