Mechanical braking- Using throttle channel to control servo?


As part of my project, mechanical brakes will be controlled using a servo on the APM 2.6. It doesn’t need to be a sophisticated system, activating just before reaching a waypoint.

Is it possible to use the throttle channel to control a servo?
or would using the signal A10/A11 be more appropriate and then use do_set_servo and setting it in mission planner?

Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:



By default output are RC PWM so they are suitable for servo. But using throttle to brake will need some scaling I think ! Better use a do_set_servo even it can be long to write for long mission.

Otherwise, if you have a pixhawk, we already add some calculation on lastest beta to do “intelligent” motor brake before reaching/passing waypoints. I will add a todo to have a way to add a mechanical brake !