Meaning of the Abbrevations

I am using Pixhawk and was curious to see the datalogs. I was surprised to see that there is no detailed explication of the sensors or variables. I mean, some of them are covered at the website of the Mission Planner (link), but not all, like, for example AHR2, BARO-CRt, BARO-SMS, CTRL-RMSRollP, GPA (VDop, HAcc, VAcc, SAcc, VV), and then the whole array of NKF sensors with various subvariables, etc etc.

Does anyone know where to find the full list of all of the possible sensors and their descriptions?
For example, AHR2 includes roll, pitch, yaw, alt, lat, lng, (these i do understand) which are redundant, but not the same as the other ones. I mean, if I don’t understand them, how can I tell which one is relevant?

please check the wiki, almost all this information is provided there

There is no full explanation for dataflash log wiki page still now…

There are many terms that are not explained…
I am using Pixhawk 3.3.3 firmware, In dataflash log there is ARH2, which have pitch, roll, yaw, lat, long. In ATT again there is a pitch, roll, yaw, and despitch, desroll, desyaw, ErrRP, ErYaw. In EKF1 again there is pitch, roll, yaw. If we plot all the roll values, all the values will have different values. so which is the actual roll?
In ATT, what is ErrRP, ErrYaw? With a good guess we can say that it is a Error in roll and pitch, error in yaw. BUT what is the acceptable range of these values?
In RATE, there is a R, Rout,Rdes, A, Aout,Ades, Y, Yout,Ydes, P, Pout,Pdes??? there is not docs for this msg
POS there is lat, log alt. when we graph the values these values will differ from one another…

the worst case is, whenever there is a firmware update, lot of other UNEXPLAINED terms will pile up…

here is one example

Oborne Pls go to that link and check, there is no full explanation in that page… That’s the reason to start this thread. You are posting the same link again, which does not full explanation… Pls update the page…

All the rate fields are body axis rates, RATE.p = pitch rate, RATE.r = roll rate, RATE.y = yaw rate. I agree with sriam, the link above does not specifically describe these. I am having trouble figuring our what the RATE.A field is? Altitude?

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I’m in the same boat. The wiki is organized alphabetically and the last entry is PM. Where’s page 2?

Same problem. Unfortunately there is not any explanations for many abbreviations in Mission Planner when converted to a Matlab dataset. For example, AHR2 which is vague to me includes lat and long data but in a much faster rate than what my GPS string says. While the GPS update rate is only 5hz, those lat and long data are being collected at a rate of 50hz !

Looking for the same info I searched the code and it seems that

RATE.ADes = target acceleration
RATE.A = acceleration
RATE.AOut = throttle