MCU and ESC Sensing

Recently, my Octoquad while in flight has a situation where the propeller jammed up with a skid that came loose causing the ESC to burn up and seriously damaged the UAC arm and wiring as well. Is there a feature in Arducopter to allow the MCU to sense a spike in power for any ESC and allow it to be shutdown due to a serious anomaly?

I have 3D printers that use a similar technique to sense when the extruder has hit a stopping point whether is it the frame (called sensorless homing feature) or a printed object thus stopping the movement and saving the printer from damage.


This feature belong to the esc controller not the autopilot. From the autopilot, in most case, we don’t have telemetry nor full control on the esc, so that would be impossible.

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Use BLHELI32 ESCs and you will have stall protection and over-current protection, amongst other great features.

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