Maybe problem in 4.04 dev

Hi is there a problem on latest 4.04 dev firmware cannot calibrate compass,went back to 4.3 no probs

I am on 4.0.4-dev and no issues with an IST8310 compass

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im using the here 2 tried a lot went back to 4.0.3 and bingo will try again in the evening and thank you

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I had the same issue. Like you, I just went back to 4.0.3, and all ok.

In the past I have seen an issue w/ importing setting and the compass. But that was between two different copters. Basically, I imported settings from an identical copter to a new one I built, and the compass was not detected. But, I cleared the settings to defaults, and the compass was detected.
So, finally, I imported all settings other than compass settings, and it was OK.

Maybe the same will work here. Back up your 4.0.3 settings. Try 4.0.4 again and clear your settings to see if it detects the compass. If it does, import your settings with everything other than compass related items.

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thank you will try that latter and report back

Try Auto offsets in the Compass calabration menue.

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cheers will try latter on

It’s almost certainly because of the compass re-ordering changes. Check HWID to make sure your compass is there and then make sure its enabled.

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will do Andy and thanks

Hi, Can you describe this or link the new changes…

Cool. Thank you for the link.

BTW I am noticing some altitude drops and climbs in loiter using Dev not unlike a few months ago. Stabe seem better any idea why and do you think it could be related? Last year was rock soild.