MaxSonar I2CXL Reading Error in Pixhawk

I integrated MB1242 sensor with Pixhawk.

Changed the RNGFND_MAX_CM = 700 and RNGFND_TYPE = 2.

The sonar range readings are now showing between 0.1 to 1.9 even i placed about 60cm.

Can anyone suggest any troubleshooting methods?

hi, me I’ve the same issue but my sensor its not working, did you connect it on i2c or serial?

I connected on I2C.

which thing you are using, Fixed-wing or Multi?

and which firmware version u r using?

few times, i got values around 7cm. but again it’s with the same old problem.

any troubleshooting suggested?

Me im having a quad, maybe you must isolate the sensor coz the interference