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Maximum current on Mission planner

Hey @Michael_Oborne
What’s the maximum current that can be displayed on Mission planner? My copter consumes about 450 to 500A and mission planner shows negative numbers after 300A
Following are the screenshots of current consumption from logs.

Mission planner can display any value. My guess is the that the dataflash log format is limited to 320amp or there abouts

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Its logged as a float but sent over mavlink as a int16 in centi-amps. This would give a max of 32767 cA or 327.7a, so its a problem with the mavlink range, however we probably should be constraining it down to max in ardupilot rather than letting it wrap.

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bit of a hack but you could divide your current multiplier and your battery capacity by 10 to get 0 to 60A rather than 0 to 600A

Would you mind share some insights about the equipment that needs more than 327A ? I’m very curious!!!

That’s a good idea. I’ll give it a try!

It’s a multi-rotor aircraft in which we are lifting 75kg of payload. The currents are in that range. :sweat_smile:

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I’d assume that for a craft that size you have more than one battery, so as a workaround you could use more than one current sensor.

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This is now fixed in master,

@Michael_Oborne You could display >328A or similar when you get a INT16_MAX value, can’t see it being very common tho, 328A is a huge number.

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Hey @iampete
Thank you so much!
Yes, 328A and beyond is rare number. :sweat_smile:
This is the first time I’m seeing such huge currents at 12S. Previous tests, we just flew without any current sensing and we used to land aircraft by having buzzer on balance port. Which wasn’t a great solution.
Hey! @james_pattison
Yes, I have 4 current sensor on every 12S pack. All the sensor data is integrated and fed to mission planner.

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