Maxbotix Sensor help pixhawk cube


I connected the maxbotix EZ4 to ADC port, with the following settings, but no range values are shown.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Is it correct to connect to ADC? or should I connect to TELEM2?

Thank’s for your help again


There are analog and I2C versions of the maxbotix sonar (but no serial versions as far as I know) so it depends upon which one you’re using.

Note that spikes in the data are very likely unless a resistor is connected as described on the Maxbotix web page. I’m a little surprised we don’t mention this on our wiki page.

I’d recommend using one of the lidar (even a low cost lidar) over sonar because although lidar have a narrower beam they’re much easier to setup and are generally more reliable.


Thank’s I’m going to setup with TFMINI and see what’s happen, thank’s

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