Maxbotics XL sonar through ADC port

Anyone have any information hooking up Maxbotic MB1240 XL analog Sonar to the cube through the ADC port? I have it all connected and measure 5 volts to the sonar, and the “AN” pin from the sonar wired to the cubes “ADC” pin. Then in the programming I have tried the RNGFND_PIN set to “15” for pixhawk airspeed port and “11” for PX4 airspeed port with no luck. I set RNGFND_TYPE to “1” for analog. On the previous pixhawk I had this working with 1 for analog on RNGFND_TYPE and “14” for RNGFND_PIN.

Hi Bryan. Did you find a solution, I’m at the same stage where pin 14 worked on the original Pixhawk but does not for the Cube. sonarvoltage is always around 1.2v


It was working on the cube when I gave it to you?

Gave it to me? Sorry, I think you are thinking of someone else!

I gather you managed to get it working on your Cube (and then gave it away). If that’s so, can you pass on the settings please?


Oops hahaha yes your right. I thought someone was emailing me that I had worked with in the past. Just realized you can post via email!!

Try setting sonar to pin 15 in the GUI

Excellent, I’ll try that in the morning. Thanks. :slight_smile: