Max log size and flight time

Running a new setup and have tried to create a set of log files twice. Each flight was over 15 min long. The second was right at 20 min in length. In both cases, the created log file is about 4400 kb long but does not seem to go past about 11 minutes. Is this normal?

APM 3.1 mini

Using a PixHawk, I have made much larger logs. The largest I have handy is 30min long, and 51 megabytes in size.

It’s probably not useful, but just in case anyone is interested, some logs (including that one) are publicly available here:

3 hours, sits somewhere in the ~340MB range for me.

I’m guessing that the APM 3.1 mini is some Arduino variant board out there? (Which doesn’t have a SD card)? Those have very limited storage space on board, so hitting a maximum log size isn’t surprising at all with that.

Thank you for the response. Do you think it may be a memory restriction
with the arduino? What was the limit of the original apm?