MAVROS vs DDS/ROS Bridge: Updates?

I have been googling the difference between these two systems for use in a robotic boat. The idea is that we would send PWM signals via ROS2 to a PX4 flight controller with ArduPilot firmware. We cannot use ArduPilot itself for our control system as the autonomous mode does not allow sideways or strafing motion. As a result we will have waypoints on ROS2 and send PWM signals directly to ArduPilot with a bridge, either MAVROS or DDS.

I’ve seen posts like the one below comparing the two, but they are all at least a year old. How to build a drone with ROS2 and (indoor) navigation function - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum

Has DDS updated to the point where we can send multiple commands at once to the flight controller, or to the point where it is comparable to MAVROS?

*I have found the MAVROS GitHub and see that it supports ROS2. GitHub - mavlink/mavros: MAVLink to ROS gateway with proxy for Ground Control Station
Knowing that both systems are supported I’d like to know what has more capability and what has more support on forums like this.