Mavros Odometry not working in local frame

I am using the mavros odometry published on topic /mavros/global_position/local in SITL, when the copter is aligned to true north, everything works fine, once I align it to some other direction and If i send a goal in FRAME_LOCAL_NED frame, the copter is still executing goals in global frame. i want the heading of the drone to be its X, since that’s the whole point of LOCAL_NED


Try using ArduCopter 4.1.2

Is this a bug in copter 4.0.5?

ArduCopter 4.1.2 brings support for new reference frames. So either update and test it, or wait that someone else (that is still using 4.0.x) gives you a better answer.

Thanks for the response, I’ll test it out

@shubham-shahh @amilcarlucas We are facing the same actual problem on our octocopter, we are publishing pose data on /mavros/vision_pose/pose.

Copter is executing Goals only in the global Frame. I am using ArduCopter 4.1.2

We are using a 3D lidar to feed the Pose Data !!

You need to disable compass and give heading from camera or your SLAM algorithm

@shubham-shahh Are you active on Ardupilot Discord , we are trying to achieve something like offboard mode in px-4. Compass Use is already disabled !! We are giving a /mavros/vision_pose/pose message, apart from it , where do we have to separately give heading ?

yes I’m active on discord, please elaborate upon your config, versions, etc

Hi @shubham-shahh I Sincerely Feel that something is wrong with our apm_config.yaml file. What config do you want to know about !!

your AP version, Mavros version, on what topic you’re publishing, any links to guide you followed AP parms you changed eg. Compass params, etc. because, once you disable compass and set your EK3_SRC1 to Vision, it should work.