MAVproxy wont accept any commands or can't find parameters on Windows

Hi guys,

This is my first post and i’'m working with MAVproxy on windows. It registers (Code below) that there is a quadcopter connected in com4 port from my computer, however it does not try to receive a heartbeat. Also when i try to fetch any parameters it doesn’t do anything. Nor can i send it any commands. I can load the console and map but other than that i cant do anything. Can anyone help me?

Auto-detected serial ports are:
COM4 : PX4 FMU (COM4) : USB VID:PID=26AC:0011 SER=0 LOCATION=1-2.3
Connecting to COM4 : PX4 FMU (COM4) : USB VID:PID=26AC:0011 SER=0 LOCATION=1-2.3
Connect COM4 source_system=255

MAVProxy couldn’t connect to your vehicle, so that’s expected behaviour.

I’ve had issues in the past with some USB ports not playing nicely with MAVProxy on Windows. Could you try a different computer/laptop?

Hi stephen,

So i do get a heartbeat as can be seen in the image, however i still can’t give the drone any commands nor can i view any of the parameters, any reason why?

So it’s connecting via the COM port, so that’s a good start.

Which APM version are you using? Which hardware board?

Hi stephen,

I updated the software on the Flight Controller and that fixed all my issues. Sorry for the hassle

Hi stephen in addition to this i cant seem to find the modules folder inside mavproxy, which i am writing a module to send commands to the drone. As you can see in the image, there is no module file. Do you know where i would find this so i can save my module file in there.

To write and run custom modules, you need to install the development version of MAVProxy. Instructions are here:

I am having the exact same problem with an apm 2.8…
There isn’t any software upgrade for it, I don’t know what to do.
Also a lot of rubbish is also printed continuously