Mavproxy out to different IP

Hello, i have 2 radio connections going from my UAV to my GCS, one over IP mesh and one over 4G.

Is it possible to have mavproxy --out to 2 different IP to the same GCS? Does it create any problem?

Most of the time only 1 connection will be up but there are times in wich both networks can reach the CGS, i am wondering if mavproxy is fine with it or this redundancy can cause any prob.

so basicly i start mavproxy with --out --out yyy.yyy.yyy:14550



It should work as you describe. In my experience, the only issue is that mavproxy can get very slow with multiple connections. It doesn’t scale well. So if you’re running it on a Raspberry Pi or something the latency can get terrible.

Ok, testing it, at the moment doesn’t show any lagging.