MAVProxy Oplink

I’m using an Revo Board with an Oplink Mini,
Before I was using the firmware from the LibrePilot, so, for setting up the Oplink between the two I’d only need to follow that tutorial:
But after putting the firmware from ardupilot, I’m unable to setup the Oplink in the controller, the screen on LibrePilot GCS doesn’t open and I’m not sure how I’d go about setting the DeviceID in the controller or how to put it in OplinkReceiver mode, How can I change these settings in Mission Planner/MAVProxy using the ardupilot firmware?


Before flashing Ardupilot FW

After flashing Ardupilot FW

How can I link my Oplink in MAVProxy or Mission Planner?

Yes I know its a lovely little radio link.
But you cant - its not supported at the moment.
There are other radio solutions in favor here.
Search for example RFD900

That’s unfortunate, but thanks for the suggestion @karla

Yes, but there is a lot of upside using ardu :slight_smile: