Mavproxy joystick

I would like to use and configure my joystick with mavproxy on a raspberry i have in the ground station. I started mavproxy and tried to load the joystick module but it says it can’t find it.

Has anybody successfully configured joystick with mavproxy that would help me out in having it up and running?

My final project would be to have a raspberry on the ground running mavproxy and a joystick attached to it, than forward the mavlink to a pc that can use mission planner or Qground control. Making it this way the graphical CGS (mission planner or Qground control) wouldn’t have to handle the joystick.



What version of MAVProxy? Windows, Linux, or MacOS?

You can typically get more detailed messages by typing in set moddebug 3 before loading the joystick module.

It is latest mavproxy included in latest apsync, running on pi3.
On a side note i just discovered that joystick under mavproxy doesn’t reconnect if unplugged and replugged unless mavproxy is restarted, this makes ituseless for my project.