Mavproxy in a tiny package (arduino?) possible?

Hi all,

i did some research finding no reference for my task: i need to connect three Mavlink “services” to a Pixhawk: a geotagging device, a telemetry radio link and a gimbal controller. I don’t want to use 3 serials and run their cabes, rather i would like to run one single mavlink tx-rx to an “hub” which would mux-demux mavlink messages to the three serials services, all in a tiny package (like arduino nano, teensy…) and in a way that would not need running a linux box (so i would like instant boot, cheap, reliable…)


Rapberry Pi Zero, with a IoT or server Ubuntu distro, and you are done. 15€

and what about serial ports? Pzero has one afaik.
software? standard mavproxy?

There’s no existing device (that I’m aware) of that fits these requirements.

Something like a Canbus node with the new AP_Periph software would be an ideal starting point. Start with something like this: It would need custom software to manage the telemetry streams.

I’m not sure an Arduino would have the CPU/RAM/Flash to manage all this, but a low-end STM32 should do it.