MavProxy getting data but wont send commands

I am trying to use MavProxy with 2 links. Link 1 is a wired connect but will later become a LOS radio. The other link is a BLOS satellite communicate. I have had the 2 links working when using 2 wired connections (adjusted baud rates to match radio speed) before, but I can’t seem to get the BLOS to work.

When I cut the connection to link 1 and only leave the BLOS communicating I can see the updates on the map of the drone position every 5 seconds (using High Latency Mode). If I try to send a command like an arm/disarm or a mode change it does not go out. I am unsure the reason causing this. Not sure if it is a bug with the ardupilot firmware (V4.6 Dev) or mavproxy. Or is my connection too poor to handle commands to the ardupilot.

Any advice/help/insight would be appreciated, thank you


Does your SatCom provider have an online tool for monitoring traffic? Perhaps you can look there and see if the outbound messages reach the server or not.

The tool will show bytes sent and received (updates every 20 seconds or so) I found with some more testing that the high latency mode seems to cause the issue. I changed the protocol to regular mavlink to test and the commands worked normal. Needed to look into that more.

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