Mavproxy.exe --out=COM2,115200 not working

HI, I am trying to use Mavproxy to split telemetry stream between Missionplanner (TCP) and Antenna tracker (serial). For the moment I am testing it on Windows and I get following error:

c:\Program Files (x86)\MAVProxy\mavproxy.exe"  --map --console --load-module=graph --master=tcp: --out=tcpin: --out=COM2,115200


Connect tcp: source_system=255
Loaded module graph
Loaded module console
Loaded module map
Running script (C:\Users\kolin\AppData\Local\.mavproxy\mavinit.scr)
Loaded module help
Log Directory:
Telemetry log: mav.tlog
Waiting for heartbeat from tcp:
Detected vehicle 1:1 on link 0
Exception in thread main_loop:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 932, in _bootstrap_inner
  File "", line 870, in run
  File "", line 1107, in main_loop
TypeError: argument must be an int, or have a fileno() method.

I have two outputs defined. One as a TCP socket which is working and second is a serial which is not.
I am not able to test this on linux at the moment. Should there be a problem with such user case or is this a bug of Windows version?

Hi Kolin, Did you resolve this --out issue? I am having similar problems. Regards, Don

Hi Rannd. I have not. Fortunately that was just a test and I do not really depend on this feature.

Kolin, Thanks for responding. It is starting to look like this is a “known” Windows issue (known to some, but not fixed). I have found references that indicate that it relates to the fd property for mavserial instances being set to None. I will keep trying in my spare time. Regards, Don