MAVProxy doesn't work below 921600 boudrate?

Hey guys,

I’m using a Pixhawk 1 with Raspberry Pi 3 as the companion computer. I finally made it to communicate between Pixhawk and RPI via MAVProxy, following the instructions here

However, I’ve discovered that RPI can only communicate with Pixhawk at the boudrate 921600, and with any other boudrates, I can see only messy codes on my RPI terminal. What’s more, I’m sure that I have correctly set the boudrate of Pixhawk before testing.

Is there any configurations I might have missed or is that an issue to be fixed? BTW I’m still in Copter 3.4.3 if that makes a difference.

It should works a any baudrate …
Did you have use a GND cable as stated in the docs ?

Did you set the same baudrate in PI terminal and in pixhawk (and reboot pixhawk after) ?

Have you changed the overlay?

The docs should be updated for the rpi3

@fnoop nice ! Do you want to make a PR on wiki ? I will look at ap sync to see if it is taken into account …

Oops it seems that I didn’t reboot the pixhawk after changing the baudrate (I thought it was already updated). Thank you very much!

Yeah the docs on wiki are out of date, and it took me a lot of time to figure out the right practice on RPi3. Well, I have successfully connected RPi3 to Pixhawk, but thank you for your advise!

I’m now testing drone-kit on the field but my quad copter lost power and fall straight to ground yesterday. I’m still looking for possible reasons and I will have to rebuild my quad. Sad story :frowning:

you can use mavproxy send "takeoff " command to pixhawk?

Sorry for my late reply. I succeeded in arming, disarming and switching modes in mavproxy, but I’ve never tried takeoff command.

Alternatively I use DroneKit Python to send commands and control the drone for “auto missions”.