MAVProxy doesn't start in Windows 10


I have installed the latest version of MAVLink, but it fails to start. I get the following error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “site-packages\PyInstaller\loader\rthooks\”, line 13, in
File “C:\Python35\lib\site-packages\PyInstaller\loader\”, line 623, in exec_module
File “site-packages\”, line 85, in
ImportError: No module named ‘pkg_resources.py2_warn’
[4116] Failed to execute script pyi_rth_pkgres

So far i have tried re-installing python and Mavlink both but without success. Has anyone faced similar problem before and can point me in the right direction?


Which MavProxy version are you using?

That’s a known issue that I’m working on - see

Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know!
Update: I installed the previous version of MAVProxy (1.8.6) and everything works.

For anyone reading this, MAVProxy has been fixed and works much better in Windows now. The installer can be downloaded from

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