Mavproxy default module set

First I apologize if it looks like I’m cross posting with the discord. I’ve seen one place that says to post there and over there it says to post here.

I am trying to use Mavproxy with a Vicon mocap system. I have an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS machine that I’m running Mavproxy on. I used this for installation:

I installed Mavproxy this way:

When I get to the step of loading the vicon module within Mavproxy it says there is “no module named ‘vicon’”

The vicon module is in the git repo I cloned to build the source but it isn’t mentioned in I tried adding it but it still doesn’t show up when I do a “module list” from the Mavproxy prompt.

How to I modify the installation so the vicon module is included? I have verified that pyvicon is in my Python site packages BTW.

Thanks for any help.