MAVProxy DataFlash Logger Not Streaming

I am trying to use the dataflash_logger module in MAVProxy on Raspberry Pi. Here is my setup:

  • MAVProxy is running with a serial link to Cube Black running ArduRover 4.0.0
  • LOG_BACKEND_TYPE has been tested as 2 and 3 (neither seem to work)
  • Connection is to the Telem2 port (Telem1 is reserved for a radio module, not currently connected)
  • SERIAL_2_BAUD is set to 921, and MAVProxy is set to --baudrate 921600 (so these match)

The module starts with the dataflash_logger start command,
though whenever the dataflash_logger status command is run, there seems to be nothing coming through. This is no difference if the rover is armed or disarmed.
Typical output is:

dataflash_logger status
HOLD> DFLogger: Active Rate(0s):0.000kB/s Block:0 Missing:0 Fixed:0 Abandoned:0

When logging to the SD Card, the logs are created, as verified by log list command
and logs can be downloaded onto the RPi using the log download X command (where X = log number)

I am looking for a solution to stream the log to the RPi so it doesn’t have to be downloaded after the mission is complete, and understand that the dataflash_logger module should be the solution, but since it isn’t working, am looking for some help to get this working, or pointers as to what I should check.