Mavproxy arduino pixhawk

Hi everybody.

I want to send a debug message from arduino to Mavproxy.

I have connected arduino to my PixHawk and this one to the pc and I have started
by sending a mavlink_msg_sys_status_pack. Initially in the MAVproxy I receive the false data but two heartbeats after i start to receive de real data that are zero because there is no battery. In the arduino however i receive all the time the real data. Can anyone can explainme why?

I can imagine that MAVproxy doesn´t store the false information but this is constantly being sent so it´s supous to show all the time the sime no?

Just one thing more, when i try to send a msg_debug_pack i receive constantly this warning
(‘Time has wrapped’, 4000, 5471971)
Time has wrapped
Why this occurs?

Thank you so much for your time.