MAVP2P and stream frequency setup

When I use mavproxy I can set mavlink message stream frequency with command MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL and I am getting acknowledge about it. And it works just fine. But when I switch to MAVP2P tool and I use same code to set the rates the result is highly unstable. Very often I dont get any acknowledge about it and I am unable to change the frequency. I tried to set this parameter ```

MavP2P serial interface implementation is flawed, don’t use it. Use ser2net and create a network endpoint for your serial connection, and use that with Mavp2p.

Thank you for quick reply and info. I guess I will stick with mavproxy then…

Or you can use GitHub - mavlink-router/mavlink-router: Route mavlink packets between endpoints

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well, thanks for info, currently I decided to stick wtih mavproxy