MAVLink2 Battery_Status(#147) and Battery Monitor

I made a arduino mega sending MAVLink2 Battery_Status(#147) message to Flight Controller, and the FC did workout receiving the battery status message shown in the picture below. But Mission Planner didn’t show the voltage, current, and other data in the battery_status message. I’m guessing that the Battery Monitor params need to be set to Mavlink(?) in order the FC use the message received. Is there any way to solve this situation?

Update to the very latest mission planner and ArduCopter FW.
Then post a .bin log file using something like

i’m doing practical the exact same as OP so i thought I’d jump in here rather than start a new post.
sending data from a teensy4.1 to pixhawk1,packet shows in mavlink inspector but not in mission planner stats

I’ve updated to latest firmware and mission planner. here’s the .bin log for it (hopefully, not messed with log files) Dropbox - yyy- temp - Simplify your life

It works fine in QGC, but not in MP.

Hi, i’m facing the same problem, did you find a solution to show data on mission planner?
Also, with this mav message is the autopilot aware of the battery situation?

Battery2_status is deprecated. Use battery message instead