Mavlink Video Streaming without WiFi?

I’d like to be able to stream video from my drone to my custom-app, without using WiFi. Is there another method of streaming the video without WiFi using Mavlink? Or is it impossible given the limitations of Mavlink?

I appreciate any help you guys can provide.

Mavlink can transport any data, but it’s not optimal for video, but rather small packets.
Think the other way around, however you stream video, it’s easier to add mavlink to that transport.

Is there any documentation regarding setting up video streaming (non-WiFi) for long range? I haven’t found much.

What do you mean non-wifi? You particularly don’t want to use defined wifi protocol? Obviously you have to use some kind of radio transmission unless you want to use tin cans and very long string, and wifi is the easiest/cheapest/simplest. There are alternatives such as dji lightbridge and similar non-dji alternatives (which usually also carry mavlink), or you can use 4g/lte. You’ll have to say a bit more of what you want/don’t want for more information.

I specifically want to avoid WiFi (aiming for the most secure connection possible), and Lightbridge is also a nonstarter. If you have any other recommendations, please let me know!

What’s wrong with wifi security? It has reasonably strong built-in encryption at the transport level, and you can further encrypt the payload (eg. gstreamer has several methods of encrypting/decrypting the video stream).

Have you looked at the lightbridge alternatives?

You can also look at the more specialised wifi equipment like Ubiquiti