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I’m working to improve a mavlink to rest api tool, it provides any message and any valid element thanks to rust-mavlink library.
There is binaries available to download for MacOS, Linux (x64, ARM) and Windows, it’s also possible to install via cargo command line.
You can get useful information and a list of available messages:

You can fetch a message and use the pretty query element to visualize the json:

And it’s possible to get any element of such jsons individually:

Any feedback or feature request would be much appreciate!


Looks interesting. Will you be doing any POST to change params or upload missions?

Yes, Im already working to add this feature.

Feel free to plug this on the mavlink mailing list:

that is very nice ! At least we would be able to have some web support !

Cool. I am working on something a little similar (with pymavlink and bottlepy) but very specific to Rover and my coding skills are ordinary so we will see where it goes. I’ll be keeping an eye on yours for ideas!


The last version 0.5.0 now supports POST methods, you can ARM and DISARM the drone with:

#! /bin/env bash
# ARM: Change param1 to 1.0
# DISARM: Change param1 to 0.0
curl --request POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data \
  "header": {
    "system_id": 1,
    "component_id": 1,
    "sequence": 0
  "message": {

You also should be able to upload mission with it, but I have not tested.

The last version also has a new feature:

Servers by jDrones