MAVLink Router UDP through SIK Telemetry

I’m curious why I am able to connect through sik telemetry to GCS using mavlink-router, but I am unable to see the data through wireshark? I need to create a receiving script listening on another port(14560)

Im running the script below from my pi connected to a flight controller via serial

start_time=$(date +"%T")
printf "Starting telemetry routing\n"
python3 ~/send_telem/ &
mavlink-routerd -e -e /dev/serial0

finish_time=$(date +"%T")

echo "Started at : $start_time"
echo "finished at : $finish_time"

This is on a raspberry pi connected via serial to a flight controller and sik telem radio 1

The other sik telemtry radio is on a desktop. When a GCS is opened it auto connects, however I can’t see the data on wireshark on promiscuous mode or on my pymavlink script for listening.

The data I want is in the STATUSTEXT message ‘text’.