Mavlink-router supports now tlog dumping

i wanted to make you aware by the fact that mavlink-router can now record telemetry log dumps from connected mavlink-drones (e.g. ardupilot) :

Telemetry Logging

Similar to flight stack logging its also possible to write the raw telemetry data as .tlog file using the LogTelemetry key in the General section (or use argument -T). Note that this only works if a path using flight stack logging is set! All options from flightstack logging apply also here.

This allows building a GCS (e.g. using RPI) which dumps basically the whole traffic as some kind of blackbox recording system in case your drone gets lost to still get some log data even if no GCS-Software like MissionPlanner is connected.

I developed this using the APM SITL and tested it using - thanks to all APM developers which made this development experience so easy!