Mavlink + Pixhawk1 maximum baud [SOLVED]

Hi, does anyone know the maximum speed I can communicate Mavlink over TELEM1/2 using a Pixhawk1?

I have got success at 57600 and 115200 but wondered:

  1. What is the maximum baud it will work at.
  2. If I increase the baud will this allow me to control the Pixhawk with better time resolution. i.e. more Hz?


It will work all the way up to 1500000 baud (1,5MBaud). But make sure to keep the wires as short as possible.

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Okay, thanks. What is the reason for keeping the wires short?

To protect other equipment from interference or to protect itself from interference?


long wires are coils. coils are low pass filters. signal level will be too low at the end of the wires.

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