MAVLink Packet Rate


This might be the wrong board to post this in, but I hope it is close.

I am working on trying to get APM (specifically plane) to output the mavlink position at 10 Hz. I can set the rate using request_data_stream mavlink packet, but it seems that the rate at which I receive the packets varies wildly. I can get at low as 2 Hz for a 1 second period and it seems to average about 8Hz. Is there a way to make this more consistent, or something I am doing wrong? Something I could change or fix?

This appears on USB to a pixhawk, telemetry radio to Pixhawk, and in sitl.


Found the issue. When running sitl the mavproxy instance sends the set rate packet, as described here.

That an issue with using more than one GCS per serial port, they all request data at the rates they require.