Mavlink packet loss after Takeoff

I’m currently utilizing the CubeOrange in my drone copter along with Mission Planner. While the GPS latitude, longitude, and altitude data are initially displayed correctly, I’ve encountered an issue when arming the drone and initiating takeoff. After arming, there is a noticeable delay in data updates on the screen. It takes approximately 10 seconds or more for the information to refresh, and during this period, the Mavlink packets do not update. Interestingly, despite this lag, the video feed remains functional, and I can operate the copter without any apparent issues.And when I land the drone All datas are updated normally.

I’m uncertain whether this delay is attributed to a GPS-related problem or an autopilot issue.
I have attached the log below
2023-11-18 14-37-58.bin (640.5 KB)
Need assistance please…

What data/video/control radio are you using?

Wifi module(TCP Protocol)

It is very likely that once you arming your motors you start loosing telemetry packets. It has nothing to do with the autopilot or gps. Start debugging your telemetry link. Check packet errors and link issues.

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