MAVlink OSD+Immersion TX +GoPro+ 3Dr radio?

Hi Guys
OK I got the “Y” cable sorted from the 3DR radio to the OSD.
Plugged everything but get no video in the goggles.

I am using an immersion Tx and a GoPro.
I have the cable from GoPro plugged in the in on the OSD (only ground and video)
Then I pluged the video and ground from the OSD to the Ground and Video of the Tx.

Reason being that without the OSD (only the camera straight to Tx) it works perfectly and I have the video in the goggles.
I also tried powering the analog side of the OSD from my

+5V output on the Tx, the red LED on the OSD lights up, but still no video being transmited??
Probably somethin small, but what am I doing wrong??

Hi Smiddie,

The analog side of the miniOSD requires 12V to work, so I think the 5V output from your transmitter is not enough.

Thanks RogelioN

OK great, Mhh With my setup I dont have a 12V supply??? does that mean I have to use an extra battery or tap from my Lipo to get regulated 12V???

Has anyone done this or another way to power the analog side??
I saw in another Forum that someone powered the Analog side from the digital side with 5V by bridging from the digital side and cutting the track to prevent 12 going to the reg. but this was to eliminate the heating problem I think???

Use a 12V BEC.

Thanks StefanG,
the Immersion Vtx has some kind of BEC that I can plug in up to 4S in but can you believe that I have never checked the voltage going to the Vtx from there, as I was not using OSD at the time and it worked fine, I did not bother to check.
It has a +5V out on the Vtx itself, but by the looks of it 5V is not enough to power the analog side…
Ok I will have a look at the output V to the VTx, maybe I can tap there for the analog side of the OSD???
Thanks and I will let you know if it worked.

Hi again,
ok so I checked the output V to the Vtx and it turns out that it is only a filtered supply, so it give the full battery power to the VTx, in my case 4S so when fully charged about 15V no load…
That seems to be a bit too much and it is not regulated.

So I guess the answer is a BEC with low ripple and good switching frequency??
Any ideas which is a good one? I see e-bay has some for cheap, but do I go there???
Thanks Smiddie

I use a 12V BEC from ebay/goodluckbuy and it works fine.