MAVlink/Mission planner HTTP server issue

Good afternoon

After installing and running Mission Planner, I’ve discovered an issue which is preventing me from getting live telemetry data out of MP.

If I understand, MP has a C# http server running when it’s active, and this server is accessible at whenever MP is running. However, where the data is supposed to show up, shows a data structure which is punctuated by objects with msg:null which is not very useful.

This appears on every computer tested though I only tested windows. To duplicate, install mission planner, open it, go to simulation, and click multirotor. Once it’s finished initializing, go to in your favorite browser and you can see the missing data.

Now, with that all said, if anyone has another way of getting data out of mission planner in a way which can be read as conveniently as possible, it’d be appreciated.

Thank you for the help.

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1.3.67 fixes this problem. Consider it closed.

Good to hear. I don’t know a lot of people.using the HTTP.interface

To be honest, Michael, I just needed data in a format that could easily be read by a nodejs webapp - http gets to are extremely convenient so I figured I’d use that!

stefan, I was curious about your use case and if you’d be willing to share your work with me. I’m looking into building a webapp that will pull data in the same way that i believe you did.