Mavlink mirror/forwarding in QGC

Is there a GUI option hidden somewhere in QGC to forward a mavlink stream to another IP address? Similar to the mirror mavlink button hidden in the ctrl + f menu of mission planner? It looks like there is a way to start a mavlink stream in the mavlink console of QGC but if there is an easier way I’d rather use that.


I have the exact same question - without any success so far.
Can you elaborate on the console method you mentioned?

You can use mavproxy.

So just run mavproxy connecting to --master=tcp: and then have two outputs and connect QGC to one of them?

Would this be done the same with QGC on a mobile phone, but by running mavproxy on a local network machine and connecting the --master to the phone/tablets IP address?

i have same issue, and I wonder if NAT is the cause of the problem. --master tcp:ip --out tcp: ip should work, right?

I hope this will answer your question, you need to check “Enable MAVlink forwarding”. For more details kindly visit: MAVLink · QGroundControl User Guide