MAVLINK Message sender for diagnostics

Hi, I was wondering if there is a tool or module for MAVProxy for sending Mav messages on demand.
We are developing a MAV-Cam and it would be very helpful to just send camera commands to the Companion ‘MAV-CAM’ to test and diagnose issues. OK we can write a module for MAVProxy but before we do it is worth asking first.

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MAVProxy is capable of sending LONG and INT commands with “command_int” and “long” commands.
There is also a tool in MAVProxy related with camera control but I never used.

You can use the message module to construct and send mavlink commands.

I use it often to test development features.

This page has info. on how to use it to test Copter’s GUIDED mode.

Thank you, sorry for the long silence.

I am looking for the MAV command to send a TXT message to GCS HUD. Trying to find it in MAVLINK is not easy.
I know Tridge uses it for diags. I want to send the camera mode to the HUD, via TXT message.

You are looking for this one I bet.
Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide

Thank you, yes this is the one.