MAVLink Inspector - GPS1 not showing

I noticed that the “MAVlink Inspector” displays only the values for GPS2_RAW.

Is there a way to also display values for GPS1_RAW?

(I have a Here GPS installed as GPS2, and the Here+ (rover) as GPS1, and wanted to monitor/ compare the values to ensure everything is working as expected.)

Thanks in advance for hints why GPS1 output is missing or how it could be configured.

It is called GPS_RAW_INT

Thanks for the reply.

Beyond GPS2_RAW, I can receive GLOBAL_POSITION_INT (#33) - but can’t seem to get GPS_RAW_INT…

Any other ideas?

Dear @amilcarlucas,

I just had a simulator open just now and found a GPS_RAW_INT section.

Yet when connected to hardware, there was a GLOBAL_POSITION_INT (#33), but no GPS1_RAW as I would have expected per the hardware installation.

Would you have any more insight in this?

There is no GPS1_RAW ! It simply does not exist. Period. Do not look for it, it is NOT there. :slight_smile:
It is called GPS_RAW_INT and hast the RAW information of the first GPS.

GLOBAL_POSITION_INT has the EKF fused IMU, GPS, compass position.

Which one do you need ?
Their documentation is on the links that I posted above.

Seeing a GPS2_RAW output made me think, that there should also be a GPS1_RAW… Thank you very much for the clarification @amilcarlucas

I was under the impression, with the GPS1_RAW value not present, that maybe GPS1 was not correctly outputting properly.

No point in looking for it, if it ain’t there :wink:

Glad I could help. I was also confused the first time I looked :wink: